Thursday, May 3, 2007

Agentopolis Allows Agents to Manage Their User Generated Comments

Responding to the concerns about unregulated user generated comments on the internet, Agentopolis has changed its recommendation process to include a final step which allows the agent to review the recommendation and decide whether or not to publish the comments before anyone else sees it. Whenever a visitor posts a comment/recommendation for an agent on Agentopolis, the agent receives an email letting them know. The agent can then login to their profile, read the recommendation, and decide whether or not to post it for the public to see.

Additionally, for those real estate agents who may not have verified their free listing on Agentopolis and do not know they have a web presence, if a visitor posts a comment for them, it will not be displayed until the agent responds to the email alert, verifies their listing information, and then reviews and approves the comment. Over 15,000 agents have updated their free listing by adding their photo, bio and credentials, and property listings.

Our recommendation area was always meant to be for "recommendations" and "testimonials" helping the agents put forth their best foot. We rank agents on our site by the number of client recommendations and in many cities an agent can be on the first page of our search results with only one or two recommendations, which most good agents have no trouble getting.

Please visit to check to see if you have any recommendations and how you are ranking in your chosen city.