Friday, November 9, 2007

Don't Jump Off The Bridge Yet

Let’s put things into perspective before anyone decides to jump off a bridge over the current mortgage debacle and subsequent real estate decline. At the end of the internet bubble in March of 2000, the NASDAQ composite hit a high of 5,132 and in March of 2001, after the bubble burst, the NASDAQ hit a high of 2,243, a 50% reduction. Yes there was some pain and suffering that came with this but to my knowledge nobody died, some jobs were lost but in the end, most the serious long term investors and industry professionals who serve them are still in the business. The same thing will happen in real estate just give it a minute.

I’m getting kind of sick and tired of what seems like day after day of the media telling me it’s the end of the world and housing is dead. Guess what, as long as it takes this thing to bottom out, when it does, it will take a nice bounce and for most of us in the industry who have no interest in looking for another job in another line of work, we’ll be back to making good money in an industry we know and love. So with all due respect to the media, you think you could move on and find something else to report about because your housing pieces are really starting to bore people and I think you guys capable of better journalism.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Lead Sources for Agentopolis Featured Agents

Agentopolis also owns and runs a couple of other niche real estate web sites, and . Fortunately for us and our featured agents on Agentopolis, the traffic on these sites is also picking up, contrary to what one might think after reading all the news about the housing industry. When we get a lead from these other sites, we forward them on to our Agentopolis agents, unless there was a client agent on the other site in the same area.
In the past ten days I have been able to forward three leads on to our featured agents. We received two "request to find a home" leads from First Home Guide and sent one to a Tacoma, Washington Realtor, and the other went to a Lynchburg Virginia Realtor. We also received our first "request for market analysis" lead, similar to a "House Values" type lead, to a Wichita Kansas real estate agent.

We are excited about these leads as this is a new business for us and it is starting to take hold which means more exposure and leads for Realtors on Agentopolis.