Sunday, April 24, 2011

Largest Real Estate Companies in the US

Is it just me or has anyone else tried to find a list of real estate companies or real estate brokers in the US and been unsuccessful? I consider myself pretty good at doing research online and I spent a good deal of time looking for a list of the biggest real estate companies and came up empty.

I did see that RISMedia's 23rd annual Power Broker Report for real estate companies has been released recently but that data appears to be only available on a subscription basis for a fee. I thought I could find anything on the Internet with Google but it appears as though it's not as easy as I thought.

I recently found a list of the Top real estate websites by unique visitors but it's not the same.
If anyone can point me in the direction of a recent list of real estate companies in rank order from largest to smallest, please leave a comment below.

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